artist pat stanley
artist pat stanley
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reality check
  Reality Check. This series explores the visual connections between phenomena in the distant Universe from millions of years in the past, and man-made structures from the present time.
  Convergence. This series explores the visual connections between phenomena in the distant Universe from millions of years in the past, and abandoned spaces from the present time.
  Crossroad. This series uses aerial perspectives of sprawling urbanscapes to explore the uneasy coexistence of the built environment with the natural world, bringing to mind Hubble telescope images of galaxies long-dead, but giving us the light – and life – of their past.
  Intersection. This series explores the tensions generated by the intersection of the built and the natural landscape, and proposes a vision of future environmental impact on significant concrete architecture in and around Toronto.
urban archeology series by Pat Stanley   Urban Archeology. These paintings of downtown Toronto, Ontario and the Gardiner Expressway investigate the interactions between hard urban surfaces and the underlying natural world.

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fault lines series by Pat Stanley   Fault Lines. These paintings of Northumberland County (in Ontario) and Pontiac County (in Quebec) document the reclamation of decaying rural buildings by their natural environment.
abstract series by Pat Stanley   Abstract. These paintings explore the natural world through shapes and colours that relate indirectly to the elements. They invite you to discover parallels with your own experiences of nature.
edge of the world series by Pat Stanley   Edge of the World. The landscape of Newfoundland is rocky and desolate, with high cliffs along much of the shoreline. You have the feeling when you are there that you are standing on the edge of the world.
gaps & edges series by Pat Stanley   Gaps & Edges. These paintings explore the intersection of water and rock, ice and shore, sunlight and shadow.
infinite nature series by Pat Stanley   Infinite Nature. The natural world is infinite, and will continue in an endless cycle of growth and change long after we are gone and our artifacts have disintegrated. It endures with an ever-changing beauty.
lost beach series by Pat Stanley   Lost Beach. Our local beach changed dramatically during 2006, and will never be as it was. These paintings document the beach of the past, the present and the future.

Artist Pat Stanley